Wednesday, October 1, 2008

As of yesterday Mia has her first cold! Poor little babe is all snuffly and snotty. However she is in a really great mood, so i don't think she feels too awful.
My mother and I have been hoarding as many soft all wool sweaters from thrift stores as we can for covers. Mia and I are staying with them this week so were cutting out as many covers as can. My mum cuts out the cover and I do the rest! I have discovered the secret to a really polished looking wool cover is woolly nylon thread in the upper and lower loopers of my serger. The whole modified drill press as a snap press thing has worked really well. Except for the fact i have to bring my dipes out to my husbands work shed to put snaps on them! Eeek! So many power tools and chainsaws...what is up w/ dudes and chainsaws anyway?? Anyway.....
So today I will be setting elastic in a whole bunch of covers. Enough to cover my sisters baby-boy-to-be (due Nov. 23) Theodore (a.k.a Little T) and my 5 month old Mia.....yay for three step zig zag!

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  1. Oh my goodness. The blue hat is amazing! We enlarged the photo and just about ate up the monitor kvelling over it. Farfar is sooo impressed by your blog and computer skills. Says you'll have to teach him soon. The diaper covers are really cute and very professional looking in craftsmanship. Can't wait to see you soon. love and hugs, Bubbe