Friday, October 17, 2008

funky little owls

Voila! My owl earrings, complete!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

::thrift store swag::

So the trip to portland was fabulous! We went to goodwills and salvation armys and the beloved caravan beads. I am working on a couple pairs of very cool earrings made from beads i bought there. I will post pictures when they are completed. Caravan beads is so breathtaking! All the walls are cover floor to ceiling with a rainbow of beads made from every possible material imaginable. I had such a blast picking out funky beads and findings for earrings. Mia looked around in wonder at all the color and light, then promptly fell asleep in the carrier. When she woke up we sat down in nursed at their comfy "project tables" where you can work on whatever your making with the beads you buy....or in my case feed your babe. I was so impressed with that place. Oh theres more! They have buttons! I nearly fained with joy. I got the cutest owl and bunny buttons. Now I'm trying to figure out how Kris and I can take pippa for another portlnd holiday! : )

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

We are all (mum, Dagny Mia and I) going to Portland to spend the night and go thrifting. Love those thrift stores! Poor Kris is staying home, working and eating chili. We miss the daddy soooo much!
Here are some more photos for those far away (you know who you are...hehe)
Pippa looks so good in purple dont you think?

Monday, October 13, 2008

Mums latest sewing project is bibs for the pippa. Here she is wearing the first one, she wanted to eat it while I was taking the picture! I appliqued the trees, my mum bound it with bias binding and voila!
So, I've been making my own baby food from bananas and applesauce pureed very smooth. Pippa really enjoys it, even from a spoon! It's incredibly messy business that calls for a huge bib, so making our own is the obvious choice.

Time for bed now!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

pictures for bubbe and farfar to adore!

Cute baby update for grandparents:

Mia wearing her new blue bunny hat mommy made for her from a felted sweater--------------------->

Mia and mommy...Mia looking a little under the weather------------------>

Mia takes a nice long nap------------------------>

Mia tries to eat popcorn with mommy and daddy!!------------------------->

Mia laughs with her mommy and flaps her wings-------------------->

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Notions notions wonderful notions!!
Gutermann 40% off at joannes! I just love shopping for notions!
As of yesterday Mia has her first cold! Poor little babe is all snuffly and snotty. However she is in a really great mood, so i don't think she feels too awful.
My mother and I have been hoarding as many soft all wool sweaters from thrift stores as we can for covers. Mia and I are staying with them this week so were cutting out as many covers as can. My mum cuts out the cover and I do the rest! I have discovered the secret to a really polished looking wool cover is woolly nylon thread in the upper and lower loopers of my serger. The whole modified drill press as a snap press thing has worked really well. Except for the fact i have to bring my dipes out to my husbands work shed to put snaps on them! Eeek! So many power tools and chainsaws...what is up w/ dudes and chainsaws anyway?? Anyway.....
So today I will be setting elastic in a whole bunch of covers. Enough to cover my sisters baby-boy-to-be (due Nov. 23) Theodore (a.k.a Little T) and my 5 month old Mia.....yay for three step zig zag!