Thursday, October 16, 2008

::thrift store swag::

So the trip to portland was fabulous! We went to goodwills and salvation armys and the beloved caravan beads. I am working on a couple pairs of very cool earrings made from beads i bought there. I will post pictures when they are completed. Caravan beads is so breathtaking! All the walls are cover floor to ceiling with a rainbow of beads made from every possible material imaginable. I had such a blast picking out funky beads and findings for earrings. Mia looked around in wonder at all the color and light, then promptly fell asleep in the carrier. When she woke up we sat down in nursed at their comfy "project tables" where you can work on whatever your making with the beads you buy....or in my case feed your babe. I was so impressed with that place. Oh theres more! They have buttons! I nearly fained with joy. I got the cutest owl and bunny buttons. Now I'm trying to figure out how Kris and I can take pippa for another portlnd holiday! : )

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