Tuesday, December 9, 2008

bamboo ooga dress::Mia's woollens

My 100% wool came several days ago and I finally got around to felting it. I have found that when I have a really nice fabric I take forever to actually sew it because I want my project to come out just right. So I have made an effort to just jump in and cut, sew, serge and create. So I dove in and made the world quickest all wool undershirt for pippa. I just serged up the edges and they lie nice and flat, no bulk, AND it was quick! My favorite way.
Also my ooga came and I made pippa a dress only to realize just how impractical a dress is for a tummy creeping baby! I found a great DIY for a "taggie" blanket, immediatly I thought of pip. She loves to gnaw on the tags on blankets, pillows and even daddy's sweater. So I sewed one up for her using blue and white ribbons with the blue ooga. Its a great way to show off the lovely soft bamboo. Mia loves it quite a bit. She is always nuking it. {nuk: to chew, drool on, or otherwise examine an object with your mouth.}
Here is my to-do list of crafts for the next week or so...

  • footed pj's for Mia from wool
  • baby bag for Theo from wool
  • shirts and longies from wool
  • sew red wool bag w/ stamped applique for Dagny {x-mas}
  • pin cushion for mum {x-mas}
Oh dear there is a lot to do. I have so many ideas and not nearly enough time. There is more too...but for some I need patterns that I don't even own yet. Like sewing Kris long underwoolies. ::sigh::

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