Monday, March 23, 2009

I♥Recycled Diapers

I♥Recycled Diapers, originally uploaded by Hilary{pip&mouse}.

More recycled tee diapers! This is pattern of my own design, sewn up in purple and red tee-shirts bound in scarlet FOE. This is a SWEET & bright little diaper and I'm wild about it! More pictures of this diaper can be found on my photostream on flickr.
In fact, Dagny and I are going thrifting in Belfast today to look for tee-shirts. The best shirts are cheap, big, soft, & have a cute design on the chest. KWIM?

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  1. That is so cute! Where do you get your patterns from? I don't like to buy all my patterns as I get them free when I print them off. I've been thinking about doing some diapers with FOE myself for my daughter.

    I too love those t-shirt diapers!

  2. I like the mama bird & Chloe Toes are my two all time favorite CD patterns. I'm working on making my own pattern, involving FOE, of course. Totally try it (FOE) out, it makes it SO easy to put a cute diaper together.