Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Latest Homemade Fluff

Latest Homemade Fluff, originally uploaded by Hilary{pip&mouse}.

Daddy flats! These are the easiest diapers in the world to sew! Well, next to the Not-so-flat-wrap anyway. Ddf's have all the absorbency needed, you just fold the "soaker" part over twice and your good to go. I even left the snaps off and just use a snappi for closure. Easy peasy.


  1. Do you have to purchase this pattern? I've tried the Quick Snap Flat Wrap, is this kind of like that?

  2. I did purchase this one, though it was from a co-op so the price wasn't too steep.
    I have heard of the Quick snap flat wrap...is it on Diaper Sewing Divas? I've got to try it out, I'm a total diaper pattern junkie :D

  3. You totally make it look so easy. I have yet to attempt my own diapers and diaper covers even though I have all the materials collecting dust. But I would totally get it done faster if I had your machine. Quite a beauty!